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As a former magazine editor, camp counselor, and video librarian who has found herself living in Charlottesville, Virginia, I spend a lot of my free time obsessively unearthing movies that I, my two stepkids, now 10 and 14, and my husband, James, now 45, will all enjoy together. At this point, we’ve watched hundreds of films together. (Our baby has a lot of catching up to do once she turns 2 and is old enough to actually see a screen.) There have been some misses (Forrest Gump really has not aged well). But there have been many more hits. “That was actually really good!” is a common review—and the equivalent of 100% Fresh at our house—even for movies made way before the kids were born. 

My parent-friends and I have long lamented that there’s no resource for generations-spanning movies that are aligned with our tastes and child-rearing styles, which is to say, responsible but not puritanical. So here I am, deciding to be the change and offering you The Bigger Picture newsletter.