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The most popular Bigger Picture posts of the summer. Plus: 25% off for new subscribers!

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Have you come to grips with the fact that this weekend is Labor Day Weekend aka The End of Summer? We at TBP are here to help ease you through the transition with a list of the recs that readers of this newsletter have loved the most so far—enough family movie picks to fill the downtime of the long weekend and beyond. For those who haven’t yet upgraded to a paid subscription—which comes with extra recommendations, treats galore, and access to TBP’s full archive—we’re offering a special Labor Day deal: Subscribe now to get 25 percent off, starting at $4.50/month.

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Now for the most popular TBP posts of what was supposed to be everyone’s Hot Vax Summer, until it wasn’t.

  1. A political fable that will make everyone in your family laugh and most of you cry, too.

  2. A big-top epic that may just cure Greatest Showman fatigue.

  3. A ranking of tween-girl TV, brought to you by a real-life tween girl (paid subscriber post).

  4. A slam-dunk sports doc that is as heartfelt as Last Dance was calculating (paid subscriber post).

  5. A twins-switched-at-birth classic that has it all: greed-is-good era corporate intrigue, shoulder-padded physical comedy, and legendary performers.

  6. A pair of ace spelling-bee films (paid subscriber post).

  7. An impassioned defense of Cruella, from a dad of two long-haired dalmatians (paid subscriber post).

  8. A vintage action-thriller…of sorts (paid subscriber post).

  9. A super-stylish ’60s comedy, starring Suzanne Pleshette and a slew of mischievous dogs.

  10. A sports movie that isn’t about sports at all.

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